Cllr Cleaver speaks out on Glasbury closure proposal

by gwynethdeakins on 5 November, 2014

Lib Dems’ Cllr Hugh Cleaver has spoken out about the Council’s plan to close Redbridge’s Outdoor Activity Centre at Glasbury in mid Wales.

Redbridge schools ave been sending groups to the centre for many years, to give city-bred children the chance to experience and learn about outdoor activities and the countryside.  The centre runs at a loss and is subsidised by the Council.

Proposals to sell off the facility were made under the previous administration, but were dropped as further cost-saving and income-generating measures were identified.  Labour, who criticised the plans then, are now planning to close the centre to save money.

At the Council’s Health, Leisure and Older People Service Committee this week  Cllr Cleaver pointed out that that more opportunity should have been provided to schools to respond to the proposed closure, particularly as some had put in a lot of effort, and money, to help the centre.  They were informed about the closure on the Friday before half term and the Committee meeting was obviously immediately after the end of half term so they have had little chance to give their views. They have also had little chance to see what alternative provision might be available.  He also pointed out that the centre had not explored other income-generating opportunities, and voted against the proposed closure . 

However the Labour members on the Committee voted to recommend closure to the Council’s Cabinet meeting next week.

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